the CFO service


providing clear direction, focused goals, and observable results to guide small business owners to continued success


According to the US Bureau of Labor & Statistics, approximately 20% of small businesses with employees fail within their first two years. Only about half of small businesses survive at least five years, and just over one-third survive at least ten years. These statistics have been holding steady since the 1990's.

Owning a small business is HARD. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, it's normal to experience feelings of futility, stress, and isolation. It can be difficult to know if you're doing the right thing in order to keep your business growing and thriving. You are an expert at what you do, but you may not be an expert at analyzing the financial data of your business and making confident, healthy business decisions.

Looking at standard financial reports, such as an income statement or a balance sheet, can be confusing. Those reports are difficult for business owners who aren't accountants or certified financial advisors to interpret accurately. What do the numbers on those reports actually mean in regards to the financial health of your business? What do you need to do if your profit is high, but you're struggling to maintain a consistent positive cash flow? How do you know when it's the right time to expand your operations, pursue a business loan, or initiate a major purchase? You need someone you can trust to interpret the numbers, take the guesswork out of those important decisions, and ultimately guide you in building and maintaining a growing, profitable business.

That's where The CFO Service comes in.

Clear Direction

The CFO Service will give you clear direction towards your goals by providing simple, achievable plans of action every month.

Focused Goals

The CFO Service will help you define what success means to you and your business and work with you to figure out the steps it will take to get there.

Observable Results

The CFO Service will very quickly be able to continually show you how your business is trending towards the goals you set.

The CFO Service can help you gain freedom of both time and money, independence, and greater control over your own destiny. You'll be free to live the life you want while maintaining a healthy work/life balance, enjoying increased flexibility, and gaining personal fulfillment.

How do we do that?

Simply put, The CFO Service guides business owners in improving the revenue, profit, and cash flow of their business. We help to ensure that your immediate business needs are taken care of, and also that your long-term goals are achieved.

Our clients want to feel safe and secure in knowing they are building their business in the right direction. The CFO Service takes the supposition out of financial strategizing by following a simple, six-step process.

The following month, we repeat steps 3 through 6 of the process.

The CFO Service works closely with you throughout the entire year to ensure your business is moving in the right direction, towards the achievement of your goals. At The CFO Service, our goal is to help you not simply stay in business, but also to have a growing, profitable business. Let us support your business in having a long, healthy life!

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