Our Process

How does The CFO Service work?

The CFO Service takes the supposition out of financial strategizing by following a simple, six-step process.

Kick-Off Meeting

First, we sit down in our kick-off meeting and establish what your personal and professional goals are, both in the coming year and over the next five years.

Set Targets

We work with you to set targets that, when achieved, will indicate those goals have been reached.

Analyze Financials

Every month, we analyze your financial reports to create a forecast of where your business is headed, based on your actual monthly data.


We then generate a simple scoreboard that shows how your business is trending towards your overall goals.

Define Objectives

We brainstorm together to define objectives that will have the quickest effect on the continued success of your business.

Plan of Action

Lastly, we devise a clear plan of action detailing the things you need to do in the coming month to help your business meet those objectives.

The following month, we repeat steps 3 through 6 of the process.

The CFO Service works closely with you throughout the entire year to ensure your business is moving in the right direction, towards the achievement of your goals.

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