Financial Health

How does The CFO Service measure the financial health of a business?

When analyzing the financial health of any business, the three most important metrics to consider are...

The CFO Service will not only track the revenue, profit, and cash flow of your business, but we will also track the drivers of those three key metrics. This extensive analysis helps us gain an even deeper understanding of why the numbers are where they are, rather than being limited to knowing they're in the wrong place or trending in the wrong direction. When we compare this analysis with your business goals to create a forecast, we can easily determine what needs to be done in order to get your numbers where they need to be.

Financial professionals commonly use the liquidity ratio and the solvency ratio to determine the health of a particular business. These ratios can be calculated on any business, in any industry. A business seeking funding, looking to secure a loan, or planning to finance a major purchase needs these ratios to be as healthy as possible to present themselves as less risky to a potential lender or investor. Businesses looking to merge with or acquire another business also take these ratios into consideration. A business with excellent ratios is much more likely to stay in business. By simply bringing revenue, profit, and cash flow in line, The CFO Service can help your business drastically improve these ratios.

The Liquidity Ratio

The liquidity ratio is a financial metric used to measure the ability of a business to pay off short-term debts.

The Solvency Ratio

The solvency ratio is a financial metric used to assess the ability of a business to meet its long-term debt obligations.

How can The CFO Service help your business?

The CFO Service will assist you in clearly defining personal and professional goals for your business and will work with you to set targets to reach those goals.

Every month, we will analyze your financial data, create forecasts, generate a scoreboard, and determine specific objectives to provide a clear plan of action.

Our direction will be clear towards a focused goal with observable results to keep your business moving towards continued success.

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